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We are a close nit team of fitness enthusiasts. We love to work hard hard, train harder, and live life to the fullest. Feel free to take the time to get to know our trusted crew, and allow us to guide you on your fitness journey.


Hello, My name is Zach Van Warner and for as long as I can remember I have loved fitness. As a young teenager I became fascinated with the competitive world of bodybuilding. At 18 years old a severe car accident left me with a compound fractured femur, and three torn tendons in my knee. At that point it became apparent that competing would never be in my cards. It didn't nor has it ever discouraged me from pursuing a fit life. I have been a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and enthusiast for 10 plus years and now want to move to a broader platform where I can convey one simple message to everyone, "it's doable, through a smarter, pain free, and dedicated approach". I know if we all put our minds together we can solve anyone's fitness problems. My vision is create a platform to allow others access to any fitness expert that can help them. We've achieved that with Built Right Bodies!

- Zach Van Warner

Owner and Creator

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What does it mean to actually live the "fit life" style? We aren't professionals, we don't sleep all day, nor do we have cooks and dietitians planning our every meal. We're real men and women who work hard for a living and maintain our fit lives. Real balance can be achieved and we can show you the way. It's a thin line between too much and too little, and we know this all too well. Too much work leaves too little time for rest, relaxation, and your loved ones. Not pushing yourself hard enough will lead to a poor physique, unhealthy body, and the nagging feeling of failure. Kelly and I were lucky enough to come into contact and instantly fell for one another. She's a nomadic adventurer, always on the go and I'm a homebody with a schedule to keep and work to do. We balance each other and test each others limits on a daily basis. She's the yin to my yang, and together we are unstoppable. Now we are creating a new chapter in our lives by sharing our experiences and all the knowledge we have, along with our team members, to better serve our community. Our new outlook on life is fun and exciting and we can't wait to help more people with their fitness journey's.

simply fit for life


Working Hard For Change

Our mission is to lead as many people as I can on the path to success.

Who doesn't want to be a healthier, more confident, fitter version of them self?

The problem for most is that what they see in the media leads them on a path to failure.

Every year fed a new diet plan, delivered unnatural body images, & offered a pill to fix it. 

Not here, not us. We offer a direct, no bs approach, to becoming a better you.
Free articles on training, diet, lifestyle, motivation, and an overall positive outlook offered, free.

Free instructional videos displayed exercises, explanations, and keys to success.

Experts in fitness, diet planning, style, and travel at your disposal. 


                                                                -"Together we will better our, mind, body, and spirit."


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