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When push comes to shove, success is only equatable to the risk you're willing to take and the effort you're willing to commit.

Controversy, drama, and subjects of great debate. We all say we hate them, but in actuality we all just love to hate them. Without them what would we talk about? In the fitness world two types of these so called controversial subjects stand out to me: performance enhancing drugs and dysmorphia. Both are said to affect how we think, act, and respond to stress. One is frowned upon and the other hails sympathy. I don’t feel the same about this. I feel true perfection comes from conquering your weaknesses. I don’t want people to take this statement and run with it, saying “Zach said steroids are good”. I want to implore people to think responsibly, cautiously, and take full accountability. We all have our weaknesses and demons and how we persevere will dictate our success in life. I say, if you’re fully aware of the consequences, I urge people to succeed by any means necessary.

Most people probably think that body dysmorphia is a more common topic discussed amongst and about the female population. But I will publicly attest to the fact that men suffer from this as well. It may not be to the same extent as most women suffer from this mental illness, and it may not affect men the same, but in general it is the same obsessive focus on a perceived flaw in appearance. I will argue that men are equally affected. Men have more testosterone and generally tend to be more competitive. While some people are fearful of being overweight leading them to bulimia and others means of purging, others have the fear they are too small, weak, and scrawny leading them to push their physical boundaries. They spend too much money on supplements, eat unhealthy amounts of foods that their bodies are not able to successfully metabolize, and reach out for other means of enhancement such as PED’s and cosmetic surgeries. For some the thoughts are sporadic, such as when trying on new or infrequently worn clothes. For others, it’s a thought that never leaves your mind. For me personally, at one point it would prohibit me from wanting to go to social events such as gatherings, dinners, and parties. For only the simple thought that I would have to eat something that would set me back. It affected not only me but others who closely surrounded me. I’ve had in depth discussions with competitive male and female body builders and fitness athletes who describe the daily roller-coaster they ride while getting ready to compete. On top of physical depletion from increased cardio and training and decreased calorie intake, hormonal changes are bound to happen, all affecting mood and outlook. Fear mixed with anger and self-resentment. I should have, could have, and would haves. I’m not ready, yes I am. It all can seem to be too much. But what if this is what helps define the winners from the losers? Scientific research shows that when too much stress is introduced a chemical reaction in the brain occurs, and can negatively impact body composition. So in hind sight, it’s all mind over matter.

Performance enhancing drugs are one of the most negatively discussed topics in America. I can see where the concern and fear comes from, but I don’t think the topic deserves nearly as much controversy as it attracts. I’m sure people will believe my opinion to be skewed, but that’s fine, it’s what makes this world so great. My personal belief is that if you are willing to except any and all consequences that come with using a substance then you have nothing to lose. PED’s get a bad rap for causing side effects like “roid-rage”. I don’t know where this idea first came from, but has not been my experience. I don’t see muscular, gigantic men walking around breaking things because there is no more Gatorade like those funny memes try to depict. I do feel that the confidence gained from TRT, or testosterone replacement therapy could amplify the person you already are. So please stop blaming people being assholes on steroids, they were always assholes. So what do steroids and other PED’s do then? Some make you stronger, some make you look harder and more vascular, and others aid in fat loss. Of course there are other non-steroid classified PED’s such as HGH and sub categories such as SARMS and peptides, but this isn’t a PED how to, so we can save that for another time. As far as the “illegal” use of steroids are concerned, I don’t honestly see the concern. With all of the harmful, toxic, and lethal drugs both on the market and black market, I think our countries resources could be better used elsewhere. I honestly believe it wasn’t for the common misconceptions and awkward feelings about how steroids are administered, more people would be on them. But please be sure to educate yourself on both the pros and cons of PED’s before considering use.

Do you have a different opinion or feelings on these subjects?! Good! I want to hear them all. The larger discussion we can generate on these topics the better. Please either comment below or comment on the sites Instagram page at We need to create more knowledge about these topics so people can educate themselves on the good, the bad, and the unknown. Thank you for being a part of this and as always keep up the hard work!


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