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Why are certain people more successful than others? Doctors, lawyers, hi profile business men and women? There are an unlimited amount of possible reasons to take into consideration. I think it’s their innate ability to prioritize the most efficiently. They know the difference between peak performance and sustainability. They maintain a good work, home life balance, and probably the most importantly, they love what they do. So if these men and women create so much success in life, how can we translate it over to an aesthetic mind set? I think it’s achievable but not necessarily the easiest to relate. Being at a top tier competitive fitness athlete comes with a sense of selfishness, determination and sacrifice. For normal men and women looking to create desirable and sustainable physique, while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle, mentally, physically, and emotionally, they will need to take the most efficient approach. I use the word efficient with great emphasis because many goals take great time and effort, which also is the main reason for failure. Nowadays, there are so many demands people have to balance. How do we go about doing it to create a desirable physique, while still dealing with their everyday life demands, such a work, children, home, and family and friends? With so many important moving parts to our busy lives, how do we create an efficient and sustainable life style to suite all of our needs and have the physique we desire? I can sum it up for you in three simple ways, make it efficient, make it fun, make is a lifestyle.

The number one question I get is, “how do you find the time”? My response is always, “I make it”. Time is a measurement like any other. But there never seems to be enough of it in a day. The good days fly by in the blink of an eye, while the bad ones seems to stand still. So how do we make more time? The answer is we become more efficient. Efficiency comes from doing a task the most proficient way possible. In the case of creating fitness with good supporting habits, you need to become better at prepping your life for the week. Whether at the gym or preparing for it, time must be fully utilized at all cost. If you’re spending 4 hours a day at the gym and meal prepping you will never be able to sustain that lifestyle, leaving all other responsibilities behind or at least done half assed. When at home, meal prep for several days at a time. Cook your rice and carbs ahead of time so all you have to do it reheat. When it comes to cooking your meats, I feel using the slow cooker is the best possible way. It allows you to cook large amounts at a low heat, which will result in less nutrient loss. Baking, pan frying and grilling are all great ways too, but I find the slow cooker the all-around easiest, fastest and easiest to clean up after. Make sure when you’re grocery shopping you’re doing so for at 5 least days. Eating healthy is hard time wise and creates a demand for more thought and expense. You don’t want to be creating unnecessary last minute trips to the store, or even worse, improvising. After a while you won’t have to measure your food as often or as accurately either. It will become second nature. A good way to create this visual measurement is to use the same or similar Tupperware for your meals. This will give you a good idea after a while of what your food amounts look like by volume. The gym can become time consuming as well. With so many distractions people spend hours there doing very little. Technology and chatting are the two biggest obstacles today. I see people standing around chatting it up with their friends all of the time. I keep my headphones in and head down, in order not to attract attention. I’m not being rude, I just have a lot of other stuff to do with my day and need to move along. My other pet peeve are cell phones. People sitting around on their phone, texting, social media and changing their music all the time. I don’t know how anyone gets anything done now. Put it AWAY! Get in that gym, work hard, and look better for tomorrow, not for taking “selfies” now. I now use tactics and fitness ideas such as supersets, giant sets, EDT, and other intensity building ideas to make more of my time. I used to sit and rest between each set. Now if I can breathe well enough to train another muscle while waiting for the primary muscle to recover, I do it. Make more of your time no matter what you’re doing.

Sustainability, it’s a concept we probably don’t think of often. What happens when we finally reach our goal? The first thing I’m inclined to ask is, “was it a sustainable goal to begin with”? Most people aren’t out for peak performance, thats reserved for competitive athletes. They are just trying to look and feel good year round. At this time I make sure to stress taking risk/reward into account. Sure it’s great to train super heavy and get those awesome mass gains, just like pushing our bodies to the fullest extent preparing for a long distance race. But our bodies aren’t bulletproof. We’re not supermen and women. This fitness game is a long term sport, not one and done. We need to take our joint, tendon, bone, and cardio vascular health into consideration. Unless you are power lifting I can assure you it is possible to put on lean mass with higher, safer reps. Your body does not know the difference of 5 or 20 reps at failure. It just knows I can’t do anymore. Along with higher reps comes more blood flow of nutrients and a hypertrophic affect. Cardio is another important aspect overlooked, mostly by men. Not only will it help keep you heart healthy but also create a better cardio vascular system and stimulate fat loss. In order to create and maintain a well-rounded physique you need to play for the long game. Just think about it. When do most Mr. Olympias win their first? I dare say most of them are near 30 years of age. Which means it took the 12-15 good years of exercising to get to that point. We need to learn how to make everything easy and fun, that will keep us coming back for more and making gains. Create a routine for meal prepping that allows you to accomplish getting a full day of meals together in less than 30 minutes. If your foods are prepped and cooked ahead of time, measuring them out and getting ready to go should not take any longer. You need not be at the gym more than an hour and a half. I shoot for less. I use it as a competitive point for myself. How much can I accomplish in a certain amount of time. It creates intensity for the muscular and cardiovascular system at the same time. And lastly train the muscle and not your ego. Train to stimulate and feed the muscle, not eniliate. Believe me when you’re thirty, you’ll be thankful you didn’t push it too far.

At the end of the day all I can say is work smarter, and harder. Your life is what you make it. It can’t be all one thing and nothing else. Don’t waste your precious time. Get in, get out, and get fit. When you succeed with your fitness, it will translate into other parts of your life. You’ll be more confident and happier. Your coworkers will take notice of your new found confidence and leader like qualities while your spouse will see you smiling, more active, and maybe even more sexual driven. When your mind, body, and soul are all in line, your life will take a turn for the best. Thank you for reading, and as always, keep up the hard work.


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