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Every gym has those select people who are always there, who are always progressing, and who always seem driven. I bet a lot of you look at them in such admiration and wonder why that can’t be you. The secret to their success might be a little simpler than you think. Let’s start with why you’re there though? Are you there to lose weight, get healthier, on doctors’ orders, or do you just feel guilty sitting on the couch instead? Whether you’re there to improve your health or your aesthetics, you aren’t there for the same reason they are. They’re there with such conviction day in and day out because they love it, it’s their favorite hobby. I’ve seen a pattern over time and realized a large reason for failure is purely mental. People just plain despise being at a gym. This is where my idea to create a little success phrase called the “Happy, Healthy, Aesthetics Outlook” came from. I think it may shed some light on this for you.

So if these men and women at the gym are in such great shape, healthy as a horse, and dedicated to their pursuit of perfection, I’m sure you’re wondering how you can do the same. The answer is find something that makes you happy. You don’t have to be at a gym to be physically engaged. There are many activities and sports that will help you create an overall better body composition. Happiness is the key to life, and could be the key to your physical improvement. The reason I say this in regards to physical fitness is because unhappy people will not be able to create the longevity it takes to make serious improvements. So if you hate the gym, pick another activity that you need to be physical to do. If you love the woods and outdoors take up rock climbing, hiking, or cross country running. If you want to be left to your own world with music find a track and practice different types of running events. If you love the water, take up swimming. Play basketball, soccer, lacrosse, or any other sport that will test your muscular and cardiovascular systems. Now, as you practice and continue to recreate this act week in and week out, you will naturally start to create better supporting habits. You’re competitive side will come out and you will look for ways to improve. You’ll start eating better, sleeping more, drinking more water and supplementing. Anything and everything to get a competitive edge. All the meanwhile, becoming happier and happier.

Next, your health will improve as a result of your continued exercise. Your body will change and your mind will as well. From the increased physical activity your body will lose fat and become stronger. You’ll be eating more lean protein and less fatty foods, simply because you want to be better. It will stop feeling like something you have to do and become something you like to do. As if you don’t know why you weren’t doing it your whole life. It’s no longer work, or a chore, it’s simply your lifestyle. With your weight loss, your heart and pulmonary systems strengthen along with lung capacity. Your blood pressure and cholesterol levels start to move where they are recommended. The best part of all of these positive health gains, you didn’t even realize you were doing it, you were just having a blast practicing and participating in your new favorite hobby.

Lastly, due to your increased activity and your newly found, healthy, supporting habits, your body starts to change. Pants sizes drop and shirts fit better in the mid-section and maybe even a little snug in the shoulders, due to increased muscularity. The scale moves for the first time in years and you feel and look great. You also start to release hormones in your body that you may have never experienced. Your confidence is better, you’re thinking clearer, and your sex life vastly improves. All due to choosing a new activity that has quickly become your favorite hobby and a staple in your life. By now you’re getting better at said activity and your feeling healthier and looking better than ever. Now the gym, it starts to appeal to your interest because it will allow you to possibly find another edge to become better. A useful, healthy too,l to create a better you!

As long as you look at your journey in this order I feel confident saying you’ll find success. When your brain is satisfied your body will respond. Your mind is a powerful, powerful muscle that must be overcome and satiated. Trick your mind into letting your body work, and you’ll be well off to a great start. It’s natural to feel lazy at times. Evolution hasn’t erased that part of the brain to conserve energy for food shortages and whatnot. At this time in history, most of us are fortunate enough to not have these worries. So please go out there, find something physical to do, and start making your mind, body, and health what you want it to be, all through doing something you love. As always, thank you, and keep working hard.


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