How are you Navigating your Fitness Journey?

"The end marked success, is only made sweeter when riddled in your struggles."

The first thing anyone looking to get into the world of aesthetics, weight training, or even competitive fitness shows has to come to grips with is, failure will happen. Aesthetics are tricky. No one person is the same, which also means there is no one approach that will work the same. Of course the basics, eating clean and enough, training, and doing your cardio will all improve aesthetics, but won't necessarily help achieve their specific goals. Looking at the greatest pro mens body builders of all time, with the exception of Arnold Schwarzengger, most, if not all did not start winning Mr. Olympias until their 30's. It's only due to the fact that the sport requires so much time, effort, and dedication, that their muscle maturity hadn't reached its potential until later on. So what does that mean for you?

Injuries, sickness, and stresses will happen, it's inevitable. Times throughout your training career, you will be weaker, less motivated and/or incapable to seemingly reaching your goals. This isn't abnormal. The human body not only is a complexed machine, that's hard to figure out, but sporadically will go through changes. This may seem to make it damn near impossible to pin point optimal targets for yourself. Hormones will fluctuate, age will make certain aspects harder to achieve, and stress can weigh down your results, both literally and figuratively. At certain times you will feel great and push your bounds, sometimes leading to injury and setting you back. Over training is as bad for you as under training. Body dismorphia will also play a large roll. At bulking periods you will start to feel out of shape and overweight and possibly change your game plan, prohibiting goals from being reached. When dieted down, you can become sore, weaker, lethargic, and in other words "down" about yourself. This can lead to other emotional responses such as over or under eating, which can further affect your results and outlook. Stress in life happens daily. Work, children, finances, and relationships can all weigh heavily on a persons drive and ambition to continue forward on their fitness journey. Many negative standpoints to look at and all can easily dissuade one from proceeding ahead. So what makes the champions different from all these other people? Perseverance.

Perseverance - Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Perseverance allows people to face their stresses, inner deamons, and daily demands with a proverbial, grain of salt. "Life sucks, then you die". Maybe a glib point of view, but what if it has some air of truth behind it? Some religions believe that true happiness doesn't exist in life, but only in the afterlife. So why is it so taboo for me to say? I honestly don't feel this way though, I feel quite the opposite. I feel the journey may bring pain and at times suffering, but every day you wake up, get out of your bed, and continue towards your goal, is a glorious day. When I'm training, dead tired, I look up at myself in the mirror and I smile. I smile because right at that time I know I'm about to do another rep, and another. I'm going to do more than I initially intended to do, because, screw anyone who says I can't, that's why. My greatest achievement is knowing that every day I'm going to do whatever it takes to be 1% better than the previous day. Whether it's in the gym, in my personal or love life, or my career, I always want to get better. Taking every opportunity to learn from another, after all, no one is self made. Listen, watch, and be wise enough to know, you don't know it all. It's been said by many great leaders and business men and women, " the best leaders are the best listeners". When your chips are down, look ahead, find your power and motivation, and continue up that hill. Maybe its a loved one, a pet, a special place, or object, whatever it is, put that thought, and only that thought in your mind when you're making the moves necessary to win. In life, the best things come at a price. That price is hard work and time, and only your perseverance will see it through.

Remember, you're not alone in this battle. We all have stresses in our lives slowing us down from reaching our dreams and full potential. Don't get discouraged when you feel it's taking you longer than others. You don't know what they went through, or what they had to do to get there. Just know their happiness and pride, and let that become your driving determination. It's ok to be competitive, but compete with yourself. Allow others to compel you to be better, and make yourself accountable everyday for the work you put in. I know everyone out there has it in them to make their dreams and goals come true, and we at Built Right Bodies are here to help you at anytime. Get out there and make it happen, and as always, keep working hard.


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