One Mind, One Muscle

An article relating mind muscle connectivity and your own will to be a confident, strong minded individual. Set the standard, be the exception, lead the way.

Have you ever heard the saying “look the part”? I’m sure you have, it’s a very famous saying. But what does it actually mean to you? To me it has a deeper meaning, as I get older. Yes of course I want to look presentable and physically fit, but I’ve come to find my actions define my person more than anything. I once heard the saying, “one mind, one muscle” and I fell in love with the idea. It made perfect sense in bodybuilding terms, but it created a stellar mindset for life when I applied it. Let me explain.

What’s the strongest muscle in your body? If you didn’t already know, it is the masseter, which closes the hinged jaw bones. But, think bigger. What controls all motor functions and has the ability to make a muscle work, even when preventative human nature wants to cheat and make less work the body, your brain. Your brain has the ability to control all voluntary muscles. I say voluntary because you have muscles like your heart that you cannot activate on command. Your brain can orchestrate amazing feats when it’s trained and movements are practiced. Bodybuilding demonstrates this perfectly. The idea that someone can will a muscle to grow is extraordinary. The ability to target the smallest muscle groups and make the largest compound movements, requiring multiple muscle groups, all fire at once is remarkable. These athletes also you science to push the boundaries of comfortability to create intensity using different philosophies such as reclusion training and escalating density training. One starves the muscle of blood and nutrients, then releases said nutrients all at one time, flooding the muscle with oxygen and all essentials to make it grow. The other uses opposing muscles to create constant work and prevent the release of too much lactic acid. Finally these athletes know exactly what, and how much of each vitamins and macro nutrients are needed to sustain muscle growth and how to create the most optimal protein synthesis. For anyone who ever thought the body builders are just “dumb meatheads”, they are sorely mistaken.

But what about from a daily, personal stand point? How can we apply this idea, “one mind, one muscle”? I envision my personality and actions as a muscle, and I need to control them with my mind, as I would a weight, in the gym. So what do I want my actions to say for me? Personally, I want them to roar, I am a leader, I am not to be taken lightly, and I am respectful and to be respected. To me this means treating people how I would want to be treated, taking consideration for others, and doing what I say I will. If you can’t follow through, your word means nothing, and people’s respect and trust in you will diminish. At times life can become hard. Daily stresses such as your career, relationship, and daily chores can weigh you down. I can say, I choose to attack all of these problems with a similar approach. If I can change the issue, I do. I don’t complain about things that are fully within my control. If there is a problem that you can’t control, don’t let it bring you down. Especially, if it’s due to another person. If they are being negative to you, it’s their weakness, not your own. Meet it with your strength. If you’re not happy with yourself, you’ll never be happy with someone else. Work on making you the best you can no matter what outside influences are intruding on your feelings. Lead others to act more like you, through your positive actions. Set the standard, don’t merely toe the line. Meet all conflicts with a positive mindset. Instead of pointing a finger, continue on, in the positive way you always do. If the other person believes you’re important enough, they will see what they need to change about themselves. If they don’t, they aren’t helping your life, they are hurting it, and you may need to reassess your relationship with said person. Use your mind to be the instrument that surgically molds and shapes the way you want your life to be, much like a plastic surgeon sculpts a nose in a rhinoplasty. Use your work ethic, kindness and caring, as well as your intelligence to lead by example. It’s ok to prioritize, it may seem rude to say one person is more important than another, or dismissive to say one project is more important than another, but true success lies is choosing the most important first, which will make all others either easier, or obsolete. And remember, if you’re happy with yourself that will transfer over into your relationships, and will convey confidence to the right people. Insecure people, do insecure things. Confident people, strive to be better, against all odds and in the face of adversity.

Everyone will have struggles in their life. Some people love too deeply and get hurt, others fall on hard financial times, and most will experience loss of a loved one. These are the times when you need to reach for your inner strength and move forward with a positive outlook. When others would look to less forms of stress relief, you put your head down and continue on your path. There is no valor in hiding away behind a false comfort, but there is in overcoming your own deamons and others weaknesses. I hope this was enlightening, and as always, keep working hard.


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