Success and Sacrifice

"The climb to the top can be a lonely one. Is it worth it?"

In the game of life, you’ll only get out what you put in. Each day, each person weighs their options, counts their responsibilities, and prioritizes their lives. Some people care about their happiness, some about their career, and others are more selfless and devote themselves to the betterment of the population. “Life balance” sounds like an amazing concept, but unfortunately not at all stages of your life can you create this balance. Maybe life balance comes later after all of your proverbial “ducks are in a line”. No matter what you've decided your main devotion to be at the time, only know, success requires sacrifice.

I truly believe the most successful people in life figured out at an early stage, set goals, knock them down, and set yourself up for a successful life balance. By this I mean at a young age, we need to be able to figure out how and in what order to set goals and achieve them. Looking back now I see the error in my ways. I’m not saying I’m not happy about where I am in life, but I could have done it in a smarter and less self-harming way. “If I only knew then what I know now”. I find myself saying that so often lately. I always thought life would get easier as I got older and wiser. But with wisdom has come an over whelming sense of failure. Not in my aesthetics, not in my career, but in my own happiness. I took for granted early in life that meeting and dating the opposite sex was something that was always abundant and readily available. I took liberties with relationships and put other ambitions and obstacles in the way. Sometimes I thought it was for the best, other times I just didn’t care enough. But now that I’ve reached an age where I am set financially, my aesthetics improve with less effort than ever, and I’m secure with me as a man, I lack someone to share that with. I took as much time as I needed then to build a life where my career and aesthetics defined me. But I’ve come to sorely realize, without someone to share it all with, it’s seemingly been for not. The American dream tells us we can have it all, and we can. But it doesn’t tell us how to get there, nor how hard the journey will be.

Depending on where you are age wise in your life, you will need to modify your thought process. Ideally looking back, I wish I had started my success journey so much earlier. As early as High school we need to be looking forward. Instead of partying and worrying about popularity, we need to be worried about our drive and work ethic. The more you put in at an earlier stage in life the easier it will be later on. College shouldn’t be about keggers and frats, it should be about discovering your passion and facilitating your life’s ambition. After college most settle into their career, or at least an introductory stage. Even then for some reason we don’t seem to see that we should be more concerned with our immediate success and not so concerned with everything else. I say this because if you’re anything like me, you haven’t or won’t start taking things seriously until you’re mid to late 20’s, or even older for some. By then you’re also at the stage in life where your internal clock may also be telling you that you’re ready for other things too. Maybe buying a house, putting down roots, and/or having children. But if you’re still in the stage of your life where you’re proving yourself at work to create what you wanted, it can put a big strain on you and others. It can create stress that you may not handle as well as you did when you were younger. It can create strain on your relationships with loved ones or your significant other. It can also prevent you from going to the places you might want to be. Then, at that point you may be forced to choose between that goal you’re so adamant about achieving and other important things. The American dream says we can have it all, but it didn’t come with the disclaimer when you were young that you would have to be willing to sacrifice a lot. If you want your overall success, you need to work hard when you’re young, and achieve so you can have it all in place for when the right one comes along and makes you want to slow everything down for him or her. If you’re too far past this point, and feel regret like I do, do not fret. Take this information and pass it onto someone young that you care about. Instill in them the importance of being driven at a young age so they don’t let their life pass them by.

The world can be a hard place and life doesn’t come with a handbook. If it did, written by the most successful, it would say start early. When you’re young and resilient, put in the time and effort, because as you get older you’ll realize you don’t have the energy you once had to endure. When the dust settles, and you have made all the achievements you’ve ever wanted, look to your left, look to your right. If there’s no one standing next to you to revel in your achievements, you’ll still feel empty. Get the word out, earlier the better. And as always, keep working hard.


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