The Hard Truth

I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you, men, you will probably never be Phil Heath, Jeremy Buendia, or Eddy Ung. Now ladies don't laugh because you will most likely never be Dana Lynn Bailey or Angelica Teixeira. This is not for lack of effort, drive, determination, or ambition, but for the sole reason that these individuals make up the 1% of the population that have the ability to be a professional athlete. I'm not only talking about fitness competition, I mean all types of professional and olympic sports. Professional baseball, football, soccer, and all olpymic events, and any other sports that are missing on this small list. Now I'm sure many of your are thinking, 1%? That probably seems like a low estimate. But given that there are approximately 7 billion people on the planet, that leaves 70,000,000 people with the potential to be competitive at the top level. After that number is reduced down by lack of ambition, direction, and social and economic reasons, you are probably looking at .1%, or 70,000 people. To me this seems like a realistic number, across the entire earth given there are probably many professional sports you may not even know of.

So, you're probably asking yourself, where is he going with this? I'm saying that with such a minuscule number, the odds that you are in this elite group is very unlikely. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this! You're probably doctors, lawyers, scientists, and brilliant mathematicians. White collar, blue collar, it doesn't matter. You're proud to be a productive member of society in your own right. Career people, stay at home parents, and artists, all dedicated to their craft and/or place in life. You should be proud. But many of you aren't happy. This devastates me, seeing beautiful women and talented men who feel poorly about themselves because their aesthetics aren't where they would like. These people use common phrases like "I don't have time", "I'm just too busy" and "My time could be better served doing something else". This all may be very well true, but most people are lying to themselves and to each other. The thought of having to dedicate themselves to something else, something that seems overwhelming and complicated, only to fail, is all but just too much to bare. The possibility of failure is a horrible feeling.

So, how can we take all of these talented and gifted people in society that seem to be missing that something in their life that will allow for the happiness, and create success? Two easy steps. Here it comes. Ready? One, by informing them to stop shooting for what they see in media and worry solely on making them the best person they can be. Stop competing with what they think they should look like and start competing with themselves to make their body what it could look like. I say this because this world is very imperfect. I want people to close their eyes and envision what their body looks like if they worked hard for 6 months, then what it would look like in a year. I say this because people may have genetic defects, imperfections like stretch marks, and age spots. Beautiful mothers with the marks left behind from child bearing and soldiers left with scars from serving our beautiful nation. Things to be proud of, not ashamed.

The second step is to create the correct mindset that will lead to positivity and from there success. I like to call this the Happy, Healthy, Fit approach. Why do most people go to the gym? I'd say because they want to look better. Then others would say because they want to be healthier. But how many people do you hear say because its their favorite thing to do? Only the most successful ones, that's who! Maybe it seems coincidental, but sit back and think about it. Maybe their happiness and enjoyment is equitable to their success aesthetically. So what if instead of going to the gym to get healthier and fitter we go do something, anything physical to be happier? Play basketball, volleyball, rock climb or swim? When you are doing something that you enjoy or even love you will set forth more time, effort and energy to perform this activity. As you do it for a longer period of time you'll naturally want to become better at it and look to create better supporting habits to facilitate. So now you're deciding to eat healthier, sleep more and maybe even taking other steps to increase your muscular and cardiovascular system.

"The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking." - Albert Einstein

So you're doing one of the things you love most, have these new amazing supporting habits, and now starting to look fitter. You walk by the mirror one day and go, "DAMN, is that me? I'm looking good.". All because you started a hobby that you enjoy and without stress created all the supporting factors needed to be better at it and in turn changed body composition.

I want people to think about something that they may have ever thought sounded fun, exciting or energizing and go out and try it, and please be happy! Stop looking to the magazines, ads, and social media for inspiration and starting looking to yourself for the strength to be your best. Find that thing, make it yours, and work hard.


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