The Weekly Rant, Eps. 1

Work hard, don't work hard at not working. You're only fooling yourself.

There are so many things that bother me in life, fitness related, and not. I’m wondering if these things bother everyone else too, or if I’m just a jerk. I’m a serious guy for the most part. I take an approach at life to create success and gain respect. And well, damn, if I don’t feel people are constantly making fools of themselves in public. So I’ve decided to do an additional blog a week, called “the weekly rant”. I hope you like the first installment.

WHY, oh why, do you, come to the gym to read the newspaper on each, and every piece of equipment? Sir, there must be a couch or chair somewhere that is much more comfortable than the leg extension machine. What? How dare I ask if you’re almost done? I’m sorry, you’ve only been sitting there for half an hour, doing absolutely nothing. Now there is one of two things going on here. Either one, you’re lying to yourself and everyone else when you say you’re healthy, because you spend an hour plus, a day “working out”. Or, you hate your home life enough to vacate the comfort of your couch for a hard, sweat stained, uncomfortable piece of gym equipment. Both ways, I don’t care, and you’re in my way. Lord help me, before I go off the deep end when I lose my pump, because one of these jackasses are reading the NY Times! Tell me I’m not preaching a gospel like rant here!? Can I get a gym life, AMEN?

If you like this, hate it, or just think it’s something worth talking about, comment, on the site or Instagram with your thoughts. Thank you, and as always, keep working hard.


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